Tuesday, 1 September 2009

You can buy A Hat in Time now!!!

As of today, A Hat in Time is available for purchase as an e-book at £5 on Lulu, £4 of which will go directly to Save the Children's vital work on ending child poverty. You can also buy the ebook on Ravelry, for $10 with an even greater share going directly to Save the Children's work.

The book is now also available for purchase on Lulu.

If you wish to support a cheaper print run, please pre-order (button on your right) and pre-pay - these limited print run books are retailing at £7.50 per copy plus postage. They will be posted at the end of October. And as of 1st of November, they will be posted within 3 business day of purchase. It's up on Amazon too, but due to their share I had to make it a bit more pricey, feel free to purchase it through amazon.co.uk though.

Can I also ask for your help to promote A Hat in Time wherever you can - feel free to grab image and text from this blog. Thank you!

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